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Our Story

Started in 2019

Started in 2019 after Student Massage Therapist, Christina Houghton left a long career in Accounting.  Years of being at a desk, working long hours, and being sedentary left Christina in pain from postural imbalances, weight gain and inactivity.  Like Christina, our population is in constant pain.  Having overcome the pain with various healing processes including Massage, Reiki and Reflexology as well as addressing the postural imbalances with stretches and exercises, Christina brought her health into balance and wants to be on your path to health by sharing these healing treatments with you.

The trusted place for massage therapy

  Our mission is to create a safe, professional and optimal healing environment.  You can expect the therapist to maintain professionalism, confidentiality and sanitary practices.  Please refer to our policies for details and safety procedures.

Healing Energy Guarantee


We are here to work with you to improve your health.  You can count on us to show up for you and provide you with our best healing efforts.


You can expect quality service, facilities and products to enhance the healing treatments that you receive.


Your safety is our utmost concern.  Each client must complete intake forms to ensure that health issues do not put you or therapist at risk.


Referrals and word of mouth are the most powerful forms of marketing.  We intend to provide optimal service to ensure we continue to heal clients for a very long time.

Meet the Therapist

Christina Houghton

Certified Massage Therapist

Christina has grown up and continues to reside in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont.  She enjoys recreating by hiking, biking, and enjoying the lakes in our region.  Helping others to reduce pain, stress, and discomfort is rewarding and Christina enjoys making a difference for those that she works with.